Adhering to way finding design principles is becoming more and more vital to healthcare facilities. during a recent issue of Medical Construction & Design.

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 the typical patient encounters several sensory experiences once they visit a hospital or medical facility. They hear beeping machines, smell sanitizer, and appearance around to seek out the proper department for his or her treatment. These experiences can quickly overwhelm patients and their families – especially once they visit major hospitals.

The right hospital signage and way finding can make the medical experience less stressful, leading to happier patients.

If you're looking to enhance patient experience, here are five way finding design principles in healthcare to embrace.


Stressed patients are unable to think clearly and specialize in directions to seek out their way. Parents and relations are often overwhelmed concernedly , while patients who are sick or in pain can’t specialize in complex signage. Hospital way finding elements got to be clear and readily available to assist both patients and visitors.

Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Health Specialty Center in Wellington, Florida may be a 30,000 sq ft facility that helps kids of all ages and wishes . Parents oftentimes have a tough time bringing kids to hospitals – even for routine check-ups or vaccinations. this is often why the clinic turned to Creative Sign Designs to assist create a more engaging environment.

We used bright colors and funky graphics to form the signage more fun, helping kids feel safe and relax. Providing clear signage also helped parents better navigate their way round the hallways, reducing their stress as they sought treatment for his or her kids. These small details add up and make positive experiences.

Your way finding has the facility to lower stress levels while helping overwhelmed visitors. you'll remove hospital navigation from the stressors of the people you would like to assist .


On average, images are processed up to 600 times faster than words. Someone can recognize a ladies’ room sign faster than they will read the word “restroom.” While the difference between reading words and seeing a picture is in milliseconds, this point can make a difference as people navigate your hospital.

You can see samples of symbols in way finding through our designs for Baptist Health of Jacksonville. the brand is featured prominently on the parking garage so patients can easily know where they're going. the opposite way finding signage includes icons to guide visitors even before they read the wording. Our work follows the highest way finding design principles in healthcare.

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Tapping into symbols for your way finding also can make the experience more accessible. Visitors who can’t read or speak English can still navigate through the hospital without having to prevent your staff members or find someone to assist them. This makes the method less intimidating (and therefore more welcoming) for patients of all backgrounds.


Today’s hospitals are equipped with visitor support staff members who work to guide people throughout the day. Their job is to answer patient questions and confirm they're headed within the right direction. You don’t want visitors wandering into surgical wards or doctors stopping every few feet to offer directions.

To help visitors find where they have to travel , direct them to major common areas just like the atrium or food topographic point . Make visitor information desks clearly visible. this may help people hunt down help rather than striking out on their own.

Look at the directories we created for St. Vincent’s HealthCare. The maps are simple and color-coded to guide visitors through the multi-level medical building . The goal of the signage created without is to bring people to common areas in order that they can find out which offices or patient rooms they have to seek out .


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how visitors see hospitals. Many patients are worried about encountering sick patients and potentially falling ill themselves, albeit they aren’t anywhere near the Covid ward. Way finding may be a particularly important a part of the patient experience during the pandemic, because it helps people find the proper wings and makes them feel safe once they are there.

Even before the pandemic, we took way finding very seriously once we designed the signs for the 839-bed Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Our team created signage that guided visitors through the parking zone , to the proper floor, and even to the right room. This makes it easier for the 5,000 staff members (including 600 volunteers) to make positive patient experiences.

Today’s signage doesn’t just include way finding, it also includes lounge guidelines that tell people where to take a seat in order that they are socially distant, along side other health guidelines like mask-wearing and using hand sanitizer.


Branding is one among the key way finding design principles in healthcare. Patients want to understand that they're getting treatment at the simplest hospital in their area. they need to understand that they will trust the doctors and other staff members inside.

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