Top Data Science Certifications to Choose from in 2018

It takes time and effort to get established in any field. However, having a good qualification does make a difference to your career growth. Every industry has a few good certification programs that are considered to be highly authentic. And when it comes to the Data Science industry, there are a number of certification courses that are regarded as incredibly potent & life-changing.

In this article, I am going to discuss the best Data Science certification that we have in the market today. Getting certified is the smartest thing that you can do to ease your journey in becoming a competent & successful Data Scientist. Becoming a distinguished identity in our field is something that we all wish to achieve & by earning a certification, it becomes possible for us to do so.

What does a Data Scientist do?

We are surrounded by a humongous amount of data each day. So what happens to this data? It is used by organizations to make better business decisions by getting a wider picture of all their business functions.

Organizations hire Data Scientists to take meaning out of the captured data & interpret it. And this requires them to apply several methods and tools from machine learning, statistics & so on. Data Scientists are extremely useful to organizations as their skills help them in getting rid lots of business issues.

List of the finest Data Science Certifications

In the year 2018, there are a number of certifications in Data Science that can help your career take off like anything & if you are already working in the lucrative world of Data Science, the certifications have the power to take your career to new heights & elevate your status.

  1. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program: One of the smartly-formulated certification courses, Dell EMC has the potential to provide you with the detailed knowledge of Data Science. You can conveniently attain a Data Scientist position in a well-renowned company after you complete this course. Valid up to two years, the certification gives you enough time to establish yourself in a good job.
  2. Senior Data Scientist: (Data Science Council of America) With professionals having experience in Data Science & Analytics can go for the Senior Data Scientist Certification programs for becoming eligible to be given impactful work responsibilities of a Data Scientist. An incredible & strong 3rd–party, vendor-neutral certification program, SDS is designed to offer you extraordinary Data Science skills to handle onerous tasks that can help you prove your capabilities at work. Senior Data Scientist is considered as a world-class Data Science certification globally.
  3. Certified Analytics Professional: If you wish to gain Data Analytics skills & make it your biggest strength in your career, Certified Analytics Professional is a certification that would be absolutely perfect for you. A vendor-neutral certification provided by CAP, Certified Analytics Professional has been created to prove that people can perform extremely complex tasks on data as knowledge should not be limited to a specific software.
  4. Cloudera Certified Professional – CCA Data Engineer: This certification is created to help people have a strong foundation of Data Analytics knowledge. Moreover, it helps you develop the skills for testing the data in order to find potent solutions to several kinds of business problems. The certification is based on stringent standards and requires you to go through rigorous examinations to prove that you have what it takes to tackle the data & offer effectual Data Engineering solutions.

The position of a data Scientist is considered to be the best in IT & earning a powerful certification can help you get one by making you look better than your competition.


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