As a design engineer, do you regularly do tolerance stack-up analysis? I am sure you follow a particular process and a tool to do the analysis. But do you feel that the tool requires you to be an expert in manufacturing and GD&T concepts. Also you need to provide a lot of manual input for doing the stack-up? Do you feel constrained by the capabilities of the exisiting tool (even Excel and calculators count as tools when it comes to stack-up analysis)? Or do you feel the tool has too many advanced functionalities which are not even required by your organization?

I am conducting a short survey among engineers like you which have encountered questions like the above while doing stack-up analysis. The survey will require about 7 minutes of your time to fill and you can see the survey results instantaneously after you submit your response. The purpose of the survey is to identify the needs of engineers working on tolerance stack-ups so that a solution matching their needs can be evolved.

Here is the survey link.


Your feedback is valuable and would be helpful to you as well.

Thanks for your time.

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Comment by Amit Joshi on September 19, 2013 at 1:14am

The survey link is now closed. Thank you all for the responses.


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