Tips for selecting attachments for Excavator and Big Machines

Excavators and big machines offer yoursites for working a huge range of power and versatility. Due to the availability of various models and options, determining the model that will deliver the most productivity at the lowest operating cost could be a daunting task. With today’s tight bidding environment, it is advisable to go deeper into your decision-making procedure and do everything

you can to grow your profitability.


It is very critical to take into consideration the specs when searching for an excavator, it is also important to try out the machine.  It should feel right and perform the way you expect it to.  It may sound a no-brainer but you should not buy an excavator that your business might not really need.


Dryg and Traktordeler

If you are looking for traktordeler, it is important to look for a company that offers the best. Dryg , is an example of a company that offers good and tested tractor parts for people who want to repair their worn-out parts of their excavator machines.


You should know how to take advantage of the adaptability built into your excavator. With attachments and couplers, you can perform several tasks with one machine.  It will lead to more opportunities, increased production, and lower operating expenses.


Keep these five tips in mind when selecting attachments.


Research Before Deciding on the attachment

Things will be simpler if you know the information the dealer might require.  Be ready to tell them about the material you’ll be working on.   You should have the specs such as—equipment model numbers, configuration, tipping load, lift/weight capacities, counterweight size and any other basic information ready.


The attachment configuration should match the machine

Equipment manufacturers may offer a tool in a variety of configurations. Direct drive or planetary drive augers, for example, are available for standard hydraulic flow machines. These configurations help exploit the competences of the hydraulic circuit in medium-duty uses.


Consider a quick coupler for fast, easy attachment changes.

Quick couplers that allow you to change buckets or attachments from the cab are an ideal productivity booster.  Make sure that the attachment is coupled from the worker’s seat using visual and audible indicators. One excavator is able to move quickly from one job to another.


Discuss with your dealer if you are not sure

When in doubt, work with your dealer to determine the best attachment option for your operation. Or, you may find new ways to configure a machine to utilize more attachments by increasing the size of the counterweight or using a different boom and stick combination. You may also discover that a single machine with multiple tools costs less than two machines on the job.


There is a huge range of attachments in the market.  Just follow the few tips above and you will get the most versatility and highest returns from your investment.


Remember that these are just a few pointers to consider when choosing attachments for machines.  These products are available at  Just ensure that you have the right extension for the right machine. Do not take anything for granted.

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