Three Dimensional Wedding Invitations - A Glass Bottle

A woman wrote a message of "I Love You" on a piece of paper and put it in a glass bottle, she threw the bottle to the sea, hoping that her another half can get the bottle. A man, who lived far away from the woman, picked the stainless steel water bottle and saw the message. Then he started to find this woman and finally they met and married.

Of course a couple will still get a piece of printed material, which is the piece of paper with the wedding details. Yet the bottle, which is the container of the piece of paper, forms the centerpiece of the wedding invitation.

An interesting application of this idea of glass bottle is linked with a beach wedding. If a couple is going to have a beach wedding, they can take the sand from the beach where they are going to have the wedding ceremony. They can put the sand, with some shells into the double-wall vacuum flask and send the wedding invitation out. This renders a symbolic meaning that the sand or the beach is part of the witnesses for their love, and their wedding.

Another idea of glass bottle invitation is about the details of the lives of the couple. The couple can plan the wedding invitation a year before they send the wedding invitation. They can start to collect glass bottles a year before. They take the bottle after finishing a glass of red wine, or a bottle of milk everyday. After a year they will get 365 bottles.

These 365 bottles will become the container of the wedding invitation. This will be something very touching to both the couple and the guest. The bottles are not only containers of the wedding invitation but also containers of the memories and lives of the couple. The guest will be deeply impressed when they know the story of unique bottle he or she receives.

Although the idea of kids bottles is very interesting, it is not without problems. The problems are actually practical problems. A glass bottle will be quite heavy in weight when comparing with a wedding invitation card. The cost of mailing will be a lot higher than normal. This can be a smaller problem in places such as Hong Kong since couples can give the invitation to their guest by hand. This is because Hong Kong is a very small place.

Another problem is about the nature of glass. No one will question that a glass bottle is quite easy to be broken. It will be a pity if the bottle is broken when they are shipped to the guests. Both the couple and the guests will fell pity if this happens. Extra care has to be taken when the couple packs the glass bottle wedding invitation. They may need to get a lot of air bag to protect the bottles.

In order to ease the problem of broken bottles, some companies provide kids thermos flask instead of glass bottles. A plastic bottle is a lot lighter than a glass bottle and it is not easy to be broken. However, there is always a trade-off between quality and convenience. The "texture" of getting a glass bottle is totally different from a plastic bottle, when the guest picks the bottle with their hands. The question of using plastic or glass bottle is left to the couple themselves.

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