THHN THWN 1/0 Electrical Wire - Where Would I Find It?

The American Wire gauge of 1/0 commonly gets confused with the h07rn f cable but the 1/0 is actually one level bigger. As the numbers lower the amount of copper gets larger so in order to make the next size after 1 AWG manufacturers moved to 1/0, then 2/0, then 3/0 and so on. Another way of understanding how 1/0 is bigger than 1 AWG is to call it 0 AWG, 00 AWG and 000 AWG.

There are many types of electrical wires and cables that a home owner might see on a day to day basis but it's rare that they would see anything as big as a 1/0 wire or cable. Most types of electrical wire in a home are Romex? and THHN wire. THHN wire has been dual rated with THWN twin and earth cable for years now which added the "water resistant" approval to the insulation.

Sizes that a typical homeowner might see throughout their home are 14, 12 and 10 AWG. Those are the most common electrical wire sizes that drive power from the basement electrical box to the lights, outlets and appliances throughout the home. The amount of power to the dyer outlet will be much higher than the amount of power sent to a light switch due to the amount it takes for the dryer to run.

Romex? is actually comprised with THHN wires so the same 2/0 welding cable is being used, but Romex? allows for electricians or installers to run more than one wire at a time in a bundle rather than running them individually. This quickens the installation process especially when a new home or building needs to be completely wired from scratch.

The home owner doesn't really need to understand each type of wire being run throughout their home but understanding the difference in size between wires can be helpful. A THHN THWN 1/0 electrical wire would be more commonly found running power to the entire electrical box. This size wire will run from the telephone pole to your home and down to the electrical box supplying it with about 300 AMPS. Those 300 AMPS can then be allocated to each outlet, light switch and appliance throughout the home until all 300 AMPS have been used. At that point a new electrical box will have to be installed to supply power to anything new you might have such as a hot tub, garage or barn.

WesBell Electronics is a wire and cable distributor for welding cable price list and many other types of portable cord and heat shrink tubing. THHN 1/0 AWG is a common item in our inventory with more than 5 colors to choose from in each AWG size. Please visit our website to find Free Shipping over $250 from an ISO9001 certified company.

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