The next level of innovation – Wi-Fi

Society’s expectation of technology has changed. Do you remember when a black and white television was the best picture available? Do you remember when a Commodore 64 was the best home
computer? Do you remember the days when a dial-up connection was the
only way to access the internet?

Every product above was the most basic model of some objects we use regularly today. HDTV, Laptop, and especially Wi-Fi are at the next level of innovation. We have learnt from
the mistakes and accomplishments of the past and we use our developed
knowledge to make products better. We have come a long way since “the
olden days.” Is that not the point though? We develop, we learn, and we
adapt to what people need.

Wi-Fi has become more attractive over that past 5 years thanks to some companies like Broadcom, Marvel Semiconductors, and Athos. However, recently, more companies are helping Wi-Fi’s rise to power including
Redpine, Embedded Works, Sagrad, and Rabbit semiconductors. All of these
companies have one thing in common. Innovation. The
companies above, including some that are not mentioned, have helped in
the development and expansion of Wi-Fi.

From the end user’s standpoint, it is not hard to see why Wi-Fi is doing so well though…

  • Wi-Fi offers reduced costs of network deployment and expansion,
  • Wi-Fi allows for backwards compatibility,
  • Wi-Fi operates on a set of standards (meaning any standard Wi-Fi device will work anywhere in the world),
  • Wi-Fi is suitable for latency-sensitive applications

Cost savings, backwards compatibility, standards, and latency-sensitive applications are what the end user wants BUT what are you going to do about it? Well, it is simple, for your next project
consider using Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection or custom radio

Case in point, find a way to utilize Wi-Fi in your next project, the demand is there, and the time is now. Step up to the next level of innovation. Remember that radios, including Wi-Fi radios,
need a number of special considerations when included in a design. Check
out our others blogs on Radio design for expertise advice.

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