The Need for Double Glazing – Top Advantages

Are you looking for glazing services in Cape Town?

Homeowners as well as commercial establishments look forward to glazing their windows – the reasons might be different, but the benefits of glazing are the same for all. In fact, there are a number of providers in Cape Town, which offer double and single glazing services for homeowners.  Randburg Glass is a reputed name, well known for providing glazing and glass replacement services for many years.

Double glazing is the preferred option and most people seek this specific service when they call the providers. So, what makes this a popular choice? Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of getting a double-glazed window in your property. The primary objective of getting glazing done is to reduce the loss of heat and keep the property clean. Double glazing offers many other benefits which explain its immense popularity worldwide.

Cooler Summers – If you are using double glazing, your summers are definitely going to be cooler. With double glazing, there will be double insulation in your home or office. Your property gets protected from the extremes of temperature. Double glazing helps in trapping the rays of the sun and helps in minimizing the heat. This helps in keeping your property cool and comfortable.

Comfortable winters – With double glazing, your winters are definitely going to be comfortable. This is a great form of insulation and helps in keeping the property protected from the extreme cold. It is known that 70% of home heat is usually lost through single glazed windows. Double glazing helps in capturing the natural heat from winter sun. Thus, your property is comfortable. It is warmer and offers a pleasant stay.

Lesser Condensation – Condensation tends to be a serious problem. This is specially a major problem in case of older homes where mildew and mould are a problem. If there is too much condensation, it will cause rotting of the timber window frames. This can actually damage the health of your family. Besides, you might have to pay a large sum of money for repairs and maintenance.

Reduces the Use of Energy – Do you know that double glazing can actually help in saving energy? Since your property gets less heat, you are able to save on energy consumption. Thus, this is your way to save on your power bills and do your bit to save the environment.

Keep Noise Away – If you are among those who like to stay in a peaceful environment, double glazing is specially recommended. This is most needed, when there is plenty of noise around – this is mostly in the case of commercial establishments.  Double glazing helps in keeping away the noise. Your environment is calm, and you can have a quieter home.  If you use a high performing double glazing, you can reduce the outside noise by as much as 60%. This is certainly a great investment if you stay near a busy road.

Last but not the least, double glazing helps in increasing the security of your property as well. It helps in discouraging intruders since double glazing is actually difficult to break into. With double glazing, you can enjoy a higher security level for your home.

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