Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Market Demand, Trend, Latest Innovations

SCADA is a system of hardware and software components that enables an organization to analysis and visualization through geospatial view, one-line diagram, smart graphical user interface, and digital dashboards. Some of the key elements of SCADA includes HMI (Human-Machine Interface), communication infrastructure and field devices. Some of the main trends witnessed in SCADA are availability of increased situational awareness with the help of enhanced presentation of data and GUIs; intelligent alarm processing; improvised integration with other business and engineering systems; and enhanced security features. SCADA is intensively used in multiple applications including oil and gas, process industries, distribution and utilities, electric power generation, water and waste control, manufacturing, agriculture/irrigation, transportation systems.

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The key players influencing the market are General Electric Co., Honeywell International, Inc., Omron Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Alstom, Schneider Electric SE, Siemens AG, Rockwell Automation, Inc., ABB Ltd. and Emerson Electric

Tremendously rising demands for industrial mobility, particularly for remote management in the process industry is anticipated to significantly attract the market growth in coming years. However the market might get adversely impacted by high investment for initial SCADA system integration.

Supervisory control and data acquisition, it is a type of computing system which is consist of monitoring software which monitor and control (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller. SCADA system function is to collect data and control at supervisory level.

Second generation SCADA system introduce with network connectivity services , information and commands processing was distributed across multiple stations, these station was responsible for a particular task. Second generation scada system is cheaper than first generation scada system. The network protocols used in second generation scada system were still not standardized. Security of scada system unnoticed by the developers.

Fourth generation SCADA system cloud computing available. SCADA adopted Internet of things (Iot) technology for better data exchange. It provided with following results:-

1. Rise in usability
2. Faster build/deployment
3. Great accuracy to find critical data
4. Less time spent navigation

SCADA Components :-
scada system consist of some components---

SCADA computers
PLC(Programmable logic controllers)
Remote terminal units
Communication infrastructure
HMI(Human-machine interface)
RTU Programming

Application of SCADA system:-

1.Scada system used in industries involve process control, Power generation, manufacturing .

2.Infrastructure process involve water treatment etc, also electric power transmission and distribution.

3.Facility process include space station, airports .They remotely monitor and control AC(Air Condition) system and energy consumption.


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