Superb quality frequency inverters similar as ABB, Siemens, but more cost effective

V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. engaged in Variable Frequency Drive (frequency inverter), Servo Drive, Electric Vehicle Controller, Inverter and other power electronics products.

The reliable, robust and industrial inverters are widely applied, such as metallurgy, crane, oil, chemicals, machine tools, metal processing, stone, wood processing, air compressor, washing machine, water supply, air conditioning, municipal engineering, textile, printing, mining and etc.

Professional in the field of motor and drive, we have advanced asynchronous vector control and torque control technology.

Our products cover a wide range, voltage from 200VAC to 1140VAC, and power rating from 0.4KW to 3MW.

Standard Platform Series: V8 series high performance servo drive, V7 series high performance crane inverter, V6 series high performance torque control VSD, V5 series high performance vector control drive, E5 series high performance universal vector control VFD.

Industrialized Platform Series: Electric vehicle motor drive, Hybrid electro-hydraulic servo drive, Stone processing industry-specific inverter, 3200Hz high frequency special inverter, High energy saving ball mill special inverter, Ceramic industry special drive, Tension control curl special inverter, Centrifugal machine special inverter with torque control, Printing industry special variable speed drive, Port Crane special inverter, Textile spinning special VFD, Explosion-proof special VFD (690V/1140V), Air compressor dedicated variable frequency drive, Mine winch special VSD, Integration drive injection molding machine, Machine tool servo drive, Water Supply special adjustable frequency drive, Paper industry special ASD.

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