I've had 3 Dells over the last 8 years to run Solidworks for new product creation, and other than the first updates to get all XP Pro OS & MS Office updates done, none of the computers EVER went on a network or internet again.

My current Dell has run without glitch or hickup now for over 2 years, since a clean install when a new larger hard drive was installed.

My Mac Book Pro is the only computer that ever sees the internet.

These techniques are not out of the "norm", particularly where security is mandated.

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Comment by Jack Kleinfeld on January 2, 2010 at 9:01am
I operate similarly for both Solidworks/Cosmos and CFDesign. Advantages include not having to load and run security software on the workstation, so it's faster, cleaner, etc. Disadvantages include the increasing expectation by the software companies that the computer can access the internet for online help files, updates, and tech support.
Comment by Burrell (Bo) Clawson on September 21, 2009 at 8:17am
Just for clarification:

Any updates to any software or additions on my Dell are downloaded through my MacBook Pro and then loaded on the Dell via USB key.

I do not use anything that mandates online registration.

SolidWorks has specifically noted that you can load their software on a secure computer without EVER going online, which means they were well aware of corporate security limitations. SolidWorks was designed originally by a 3D CAD crew from ComputerVision where UNIX was the order of the day.


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