South African Mining Solutions: 3 Popular Natural Resources

South Africa is rich in natural resources, contributing significantly to reserves around the world. The success of the South African mining industry is largely due to expert mining solutions that have been designed and commissioned in order to keep the mines running at optimal productivity levels. South African mining solutions, which can be developed by independent mining advisors, are geared towards increasing and maintaining productivity, as well as complying with numerous regulations, all required in different types of mines.

So, what are South Africa’s three most popular natural resources?

South Africa contributes an average of more than 10% of the world’s gold production. South Africa also has two of the deepest gold mines in the world, the East Rand Mine and the TauTona mine in Carletonville. Discovered here in the late 1800s, gold mines have become one of the most important industries for South Africa.

Also discovered in the 1800s, South Africa’s rich diamond mines make the country a worldwide leading diamonds producer. There are numerous diamond mines across the country which produce millions of carats per year. This specific mineral contributes greatly to the country’s economy by providing countless jobs and therefore should be kept running at optimal levels with expert mining solutions.

The platinum mining industry is one of South Africa’s most successful, producing more platinum than any other nation in the world. Some of the largest platinum mines include Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mines and Rustenburg Platinum mines. Platinum is a valuable mineral that is in a high demand around the world, particularly in the automotive industry, which makes the success of South Africa’s mines crucial.

All of the minerals mentioned above need to be mined under certain conditions in order to ensure quality, safety, productivity, and environmental sustainability. These factors can all be achieved by implementing expert mining solutions in mines across the country, specifically with new, improved technologies that can boost the industry’s success.

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