Solar Panels with Batteries Allow for Electricity Use Even at Night Sell My House Fast Investor Explains

Solar panels will only generate power from the sun during the daytime. It is at this time, that the requirement of power is less as there is no need for lighting, or you may be away at work. This power can then be used to recharge batteries that can store power which you can use at nighttime when you need the power and the solar panel is not generating power.

The consideration of solar-plus-storage options requires a proper understanding of the product specifications of the battery. Capacity and power ratings, depth of discharge, round trip efficiency are the specs you need to consider, besides warranty and the reputation of the manufacturer.

The capacity of a solar panel battery is measured in kilowatts per hour. You can always get extra storage by including multiple batteries in your solar power system. A power rating is the power in kilowatts that the battery can deliver at a time. Batteries with a high capacity and low power ratings can give you a smaller quantum of electricity for a longer time, while those with low capacity and high power ratings can give you the power to run all the appliances in your home, but just for a few hours the local home buyers are using this more and more when building there new homes.

Solar batteries must not be used completely as their chemical composition always requires them to retain some charge. The depth of discharge must be limited to not more than 90 percent of the batteries rating in kWh. The round-trip efficiency is the amount of power you can draw from a battery compared to the power that is put into it through the solar panel. Batteries need to have high round trip efficiencies.

Batteries are given warranties for a few cycles of charging and discharging or a fixed number of years. Choose a solar panel battery that gives at least 5000 cycles or 10 years. Batteries are manufactured by large companies who use standard technology, while newer companies may use the latest high performing technologies.

Typical solar batteries have a 10-kWh capacity, while a standard home would require about three times that energy. You can either install three batteries or opt for selling power to the grid, in exchange for power when you need it. This can ensure you always have power, while your solar power battery acts as a backup. The number of panels you have installed will also determine the capacity of the batteries that you need.

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