As social media grows, more companies are recognizing its importance in connecting with its audience. Some are joining Facebook or Twitter, but one media company in Cleveland is launching an interactive blog site. Linear motion control systems and components manufacturer Nook Industries is developing the blog as a resource to connect linear motion engineers to the information they need.

The company's interactive blog site incorporates programming and search functions that let engineers quickly access technical product data, video, news, micro-sites, polling, and tutorials. The blog is an interesting move because it connects with other major social media sites like Facebook. Linkedin, YouTube, and Twitter. Other content includes:

• Drag to share product gallery
• User commenting
• 3D CAD configuration & operation tutorials
• Linear motion News blog
• “How to” Video Blog
• Resource sharing
• User content subscriptions

This site could be an example of how other companies will incorporate social media into their sites. As an engineer, is this interaction on a company's site valuable to you? It is something you would participate in?

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