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In contemporary cars, the electrically operated solenoid is actually the purge valve that administers the engine computer. As the engine turns off, the slurry valves suppliers is closed. As the engine starts triggering, the purge valve gradually starts performing its function.

If your car doesn't run evenly and creates problems more often, then it's a result of a knife gate valves manufacturers gone bad. Mostly, purge valves fail to open and shut within their due time, as a result, the unwarranted fuel vapors start accumulating in the charcoal canister. If the situation gets worse, these vapors can deluge the engine cylinders and create an anomalous fuel mixture that further causes the car engine to clog and misfire.

A defected purge valve fails to redirect the fuel vapors into the cylinder for incineration. Consequently, the unreasonably loaded mixture of fuel and air gets combusted with each sequence of the engine. This generates additional heat that can potentially damage the spark plugs.

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