Sheet Metal Design with Pro-Engineer Wild Fire 2 (Part -5 Bend and Bend Allowance)

Create Bend command is a simple and effective method in Pro-E Sheet metal design. Just define a line on the flat panel and can see a result of finished bend. Actually It included basic theory and design aspect of sheet metal. For the previous blogs, we created the finished design and result the final flat pattern. But using Bend command is a reverse process and actual process flow of sheet metal. We designed from flat panel and added bend to get final product.
Here we may need to know some theory behind sheet metal.

From EDIT>SET UP> Menu Manager will appear.

Go to Sheet metal >Bend Allow.

It show K-factor, Y-Factor and Bend Table Options to choose for Bend allowance set up.
K-factor is the distance between neutral plate (some discussion on MCAD CENTRAL).
Y –Factor is formula for “y-factor = k-factor * (3.414 (Pi)/2”.

In Pro-E used the three type of default materials (you may want to define your own design)

1. soft brass, copper (Y=0.55, K=0.35)
2. hard brass, copper, soft steel, aluminum(Y=0.64, K=0.41)
3. hard copper, bronze, cold rolled steel, spring steel(Y=0.71, K=0.45)

The development length formula in the default setting is
L = (3.414(Pi)/2 x R + Y-factor x Thickness) x Bend angle in degrees (°)/90

As the same way in bend allowance table also have three tables ,

The difference between K,Y factor and Bend Table is
-Bend tables are used for 90 deg bend only.
-K&Y factor are used for different bend angle setting.

I hope that it is enough for theory explanation. I set up the part for Bend Allowance.
I started my first wall and add Bend command. It asked Angle (-OR-)Roll.

The above picture showed that 90 deg angle is formed by Angle and the other side is formed by Roll command. I choose Angle option .

Then it asked for Part Bend Table or Feature Bend Table. It means that we want to use as per set up table or specific table for this feature only. I choose as Part Bend table and define Inside radius.

I draw out the bending line and proceed.

We need to define Bend Side (left, right and both). It means that bending feature will place on the bending line location. The below pic will show the three different position.

I choose both option and define the FIX side location when bend process.

Choose for the relief type. In this case, I choose no relief.

I defined the Bend angle and position.

I finished the command and got the required shape.

If you may want to know Develop length, simply click on edit to feature and can see on DEV. L and can modify the value.

It may look like simple but sometimes it can be complex to add additional feature for the required shape. Here is a good example from “sekar_mech02” for bending part.

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Comment by Digvijay on November 2, 2009 at 2:48am

I have one model & i am getting problem while development Please give us your thoghts how to unbend all or developed it. Find releated images for your references.
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Comment by Kratos72 on June 18, 2009 at 6:15am
Regarding about Pro-E issue, you can post in MCADCENTRAL/Sheetmetal
A lot of sheetmetal experts are there and we can communicate more easily. I will be there.
Comment by ragava on June 18, 2009 at 5:58am
it is sheetmetal
Comment by ragava on June 18, 2009 at 5:58am
I have one model & i am getting problem while development Please give us your e mail id i will send the drawing.

Its very urgent
Comment by ragava on June 18, 2009 at 5:57am
I have one model & i am getting problem while development Please give us your e mail id i will send the drawing.

Its very urgent Delete Comment
Comment by Nav Raj Sharma on May 28, 2009 at 10:36am
Good Tech tip i appriciate the work done.



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