Sheet Metal Design with Pro-Engineer Wild Fire 2 (Part -4 SHELL)

This week I am going to take “SHELL” command as an exercise. Sometimes, my pro-e command approaches are unprofessional and unsystematic.
I created one solid piece part as shown below Picture.

I changed to Sheet metal Application and use as SHELL command (same as Solid) removed the top surface a to become as a open box.

I need to prepare the SHELL box to a Sheetmetal box. I used Insert>Conversion (Create Conversion> to convert from solid shell to sheet metal feature.

SMT CONVERSION Menu will appear to define the conversion. First I choose the bending line at the base four edges.

Then, I defined the edge Rip (to cut the four flanges separate) at the four vertical corner edges.

Finally, I defined Corner Relief at the four corners using Relief “Obr” type.

After changed feature, I can able to use Flat pattern Command.

Below is the Alternative method (or) unprofessional way to change Solid to Sheetmetal feature.
I used a relief cut to shell box at four corners to separate four flanges.

Then, followed by create extended wall to close the relief cut as shown in below picture.

Finally, it also got the flat pattern as previous method.

Comments are welcome.
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