I'm always interested in how people use CAD software to do interesting projects.

Nout Van Heumen is an industrial designer and engineer whose day job, so to speak, is in the packaging and insulation business. But Hout has developed a name for himself by taking on some really interesting freelance jobs.

One of his projects that I particularly like is the Aristedes OIO guitar. If you check out the picture of this guitar, you can see that it's pretty cool looking. It's also pretty innovative.

Tuesday morning, 3/26, from 11:00 to 11:30 AM, Eastern time, I'll be hosting a webinar with Nout, where he talks about his approach. Though PTC is sponsoring this webinar, it's not going to a big sales pitch. It's going to be a person talking about how he designs cool stuff.

My sense is that this webinar is going to be really interesting for anyone who is interested in conceptual design. Even people who don't use Creo (which happens to be Nout's tool of choice.)

So, please join Nout and myself tomorrow. You can register for the webinar here:


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