Create a Professional Website

A recent study set up by the National Association of Realtors indicates that 92 percent of prospective buyers start their realty search online…a massive figure indeed. Your website is your window to the world, and marketing experts know the importance of having a website that can do the hard work for you. Ensure that the design blends aesthetics and functionality. While pictures are essential, too many photos can impact the loading speed, to optimize the content to ensure that the performance of your website is top notch.

Create Video Walkthroughs

3D video walkthroughs allow viewers to get a realistic representation of what space looks like in person. You can hire a professional to shoot a high-quality video or do it yourself if you have some experience behind the camera. A drone video can capture the immediate neighborhood as well, giving a virtual tour of the property extent and location for potential buyers.

Animated 3D Walkthroughs may be the Answer

If your project is still in the pre-construction phase, an Animated 3D Walkthrough will help you to present your project to your clients dynamically and engagingly. Get them to see the value you will be creating, and highlight the benefits of living in the environment you are creating in the future. You can present these digital walkthroughs on your website or send them through email links to buyers, allowing them to tour the project online and buy into your concept.

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