Premium Sourcing Case Study: Cable Assembly Case Study

SoPark Cable Assembly 1

This is a case study from our Premium Sourcing Service.

Issue: A $200M high tech manufacturing company was having delivery problems from a mechanical cable assembly source. The cable was used on various table support structures. My duty was to locate another source who could deliver on time without compromising quality.

Action: I contacted 55 mechanical cable assembly houses. They were informed that this item was custom made and that blueprints would be provided. 75% of these sources responded. 16 of those produced bids. First article samples were received from one bidder within two months of opening issue.

  1. Inspection of fit, form, and function was successful.
  2. Dynamic pull testing by mechanical engineers at the manufacturing plant revealed superior seamless shank joints.
  3. Price improvement was substantial.
  • $21,000 (66%) annual savings.

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