Portable Non-Destructive Concrete Testing Instruments

Portable Non-Destructive
Concrete Testing Instruments

Schmidt® Test Hammers

SilverSchmidt ST/PC

The SilverSchmidt is the first concrete test hammer, featuring the most accurate rebound value and unmatched repeatability in the industry. Independent validation testing by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany) has shown the SilverSchmidt to have less dispersion than the classic concrete test hammer.

Original Schmidt

The Proceq Original Schmidt concrete test hammer was the world’s first concrete test hammer. Today, it is still the most widely used instrument for analyzing the uniformity and compressive strength characteristics of concrete structures. It is available in models with different impact energies, each designed for a specific test application to investigate a wide range of material types and sizes.


The Schmidt pendulum hammers are designed to test on softer material such as light weight concrete, gypsum boards, fresh concrete and the mortar of joints in brickwork. Their unique design allows easy to handle measurements on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is the only rebound hammer worldwide working with the pendulum system, thus it must not be loaded on the test surface.

Ultrasonic Testing


The Pundit features a number of performance enhancements and providies superior features for on- site testing like line scans for concrete uniformity assess- ments, dual cursor for manual evaluation. Together with the Pundit Pulse Echo it is the first Proceq prod- uct using a new generation state- art and IP54 Touchscreen Unit.

The Pundit Pulse Echo transducer is a shear wave trans- ducer designed for and operation. It is particularly suited to testing where access is limited to a single side. It can be used to detect and localize voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to sur- face), and honeycombing.

Pundit® Lab(+)

The Pundit Lab features online data acquisition, wave- form analysis and full remote control of all transmis- sion parameters. Along with the traditional transit time and pulse velocity measurement, the ultrasonic test equipment Pundit Lab offers path length measure- ment, perpendicular crack depth measurement, surface velocity measurement and compressive strength estimation. A wide range of transducers is available for different customer needs.

testing of concrete

Cover Meter and Rebar Detectors


Profometer is an advanced cover meter for the precise and measurement of concrete cover and rebar diameters and the detection of rebar lo- cations using the eddy current principle with the pulse induction method. It is based on the new generation Pro- fometer Touchscreen Unit which offers real time control over the measurement procedure directly on site.

The Profometer advanced scan cover meter is a sophisticated instru- ment extending the applica- tion range of the Profometer with the Line- and Modes and an extensive choice of statisti- cal views. It is specially suit- ed to measuring large areas, long lines or when compre- hensive reporting is required.

For example when in- specting tunnels, retain- ing walls, concrete slab soffits, bridge slabs or dams.


The Profoscope is a rebar detector and cover meter. It can also determine rebar diameter. It features a unique rebar visualizuation, rebar proximity indicators and locating aids. This allows the user to “see” the location of the rebar. The Profoscope+ features additional memory functions.

Resistivity Meter

Resipod® Family

Resipod is a fully integrated Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete in a completely test. It is the most accurate instrument available, extremely fast and stable and packaged in a robust, waterproof housing designed to operate in a demanding site environment.

Geometric: Resipod Geometric is supplied with a variable spacing probe that can accommodate larger aggregate sizes.

Bulk Resistivity: The Bulk Resistivity test is an alternative method where the sample resistivity is measured between electrical plates placed at either end of the sample.

Corrosion Analysis


The Canin+ assesses the corrosion condition of steel in concrete through the potential method. Avail- able with a rod electrode for confined spac-

es or spot checks or a wheel electrode for large surfaces. The electrode version is the fastest corrosion as- sessment instrument available.


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