Hose couplings and other hose fittings are now available in a wider selection than ever before, with those looking to buy hose fittings and parts now presented with a multitude of options, making it difficult for them to determine which is the most suitable. With this in mind, today we are here to discuss some of the most common types of garden hose fittings, with the ultimate intention of allowing all looking to purchase garden hose fittings, to ensure that they can obtain the ones that are the most beneficial and advantageous based on their individual needs and requirements.

If you don’t yet know which type of hose fitting is the most suitable for you, it is important that you read the information that we are going to provide about brass hose fittings, plastic hose fittings and nylon and polymer hose fittings. This will allow you to make a better-informed decision and in turn buy the best hose for your intended application the first time round. Here goes…

Brass Hose Fittings

Brass hose fittings are intended for use with garden hose that are also made from brass. Brass hose fittings are typically the most expensive of hose fittings and also the heaviest. Brass hose fittings are available with both male and female adapters, making it easy for people to find brass hose fittings that connect with their existing hose.

Plastic Hose Fittings

Plastic hose fittings are slightly lighter and less expensive than brass hose fittings, making them a popular choice amongst everyday buyers.  With the smaller price tag however also comes negative aspects, for example plastic hose fittings do not tent to last as long as brass hose fittings. Plastic hose fittings however are almost as durable as brass hose fittings and able to withstand a whole range of pressure levels. These hose fittings generally are adequate for home gardening purposes.

Nylon and Polymer Hose Fittings

Nylon and polymer hose fittings are somewhere in-between plastic and brass hose fittings, with these hose fittings being cheaper than brass hose fittings but more expensive than plastic. The composite material used to make these hoses allows them to withstand water pressure for long periods, making them perfect for those who have large areas to hose.

For more information about hose fitting types, or to order hose fittings that match your existing hose, do not hesitate to visit The Hosemaster today. We are certain that you will not be disappointed.

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