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These Packing machine are designed to provide a safe and longer life for products which are spoilable. Vacuum packing machines are capable of retaining the freshness of food like vegetables, fish and meat for a certain period of time when packed. Vacuum packing machines are available in two basic types, the external bag machine and vacuum chamber machine.

If you are planning to invest in these type of machines, you can purchase them both. However, when you buy the external bag machines, choose the machines that have high quality of air pump and heat sealing mechanism. In using this machine, the open end of the vacuum pouch is clamped to eject the air. To make the packing faster, you should use a special type of ribbed bag. Another thing about this machine is its exterior vacuum port. With this feature, you can take advantage of using acrylic or stainless steel vacuum containers with adjustable lids to use and reuse for soft fruits, salads and many other items.

There are also other models of these chamber packing vacuum machines. You can choose your machines whether external bag machines or the chamber type from many manufacturers. Study the different salient features, pricing and warranties of these Vertical packing machine before you make the decision.

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