NEW! High Moment Load Carriages That Provide Extra Support and Rigidity

The latest version of the HepcoMotion® PRT2 product line — a collection of ring slides and segments, bearings and ancillary components — includes a new addition for applications with high downward or offset loading conditions. Watch a video demonstration on YouTube.


Available in two configurations (both designed to connect to the track system support beam):

  • The static carriage is designed to take on additional load while in a stationary position. The carriage is supported when it makes contact with a pair of eccentrically adjustable roller bearings, fitted to the framework of the track system. In essence, this set-up provides the system with the extra load capacity needed at a workstation with large downward forces (like punching or stamping).
  • The dynamic option provides continuous support to the carriage, around the entire track while the load is moving. The carriage is fitted with eccentric roller bearings which can be adjusted to make contact with a support track following the main vee guide circuit.

Additional product details:
  • Available in a range of sizes, including an extra wide carriage option
  • Complete carriages availble with a carriage locking system for positive location within +/- 50 microns
  • Can paired with GV3 components in straight linear motion applications

PRT2 will be on display at our IWF booth (#4412) this month, so stop by for a close-up! You can even make an appointment with our vice president of sales or project engineer on our website prior to the event.

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