Lincoln Electric wind turbine: an example to other industrial communities

Yesterday I got to take a little field trip from work for the dedication of Cleveland's Lincoln Electric wind turbine. It was a beautiful day, the red ribbon surrounding the turbine's tower shining in the sun. The 2.5-MW model stands as a 443-ft example of how renewable energy can have a place in an industrial community.

Lincoln Electric is a leader in the development and manufacture of welding products, and through their investment in wind the company has also shown they're a leader in green energy too. The turbine will save them about $500,000 annually and meet 10% of the company's electrical needs with renewable power. 

The Kenersys turbine was erected in June at the company's world headquarters in Euclid, Ohio near Cleveland. In the U.S. alone, over 50% of installed towers were fabricated with Lincoln Electric products, including their own. 

The turbine is also an example of what pubic and private sectors can achieve when they work together. The structure, one of the largest urban wind towers in North America, evolved out of a strategic partnership bewteen Lincoln Electric, and the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force. Members include the Cleveland Foundation, Case Western REserve University, The City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga Couny, and more. 

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