Kathie's Question of the day: are we spending enough on energy?

Here's one to stimulate your brain in this snow storm (at least here in Cleveland).

An advisory group of scientists and engineers are telling Obama spending on energy research needs a little jump -a jump of $11 billion to be exact.

In a recent report, the advisory group says the U.S. needs to more than triple its spending on energy research, development, and demonstration projects from about $5 billion to $16 billion, as well as review national energy policy every four years.

The nation is behind countries like Japan, Korea, France, and China when it comes to public energy RD&D spending as a share of GDP. The report also warns that security concerns must be addressed, such as those involving overreliance on foreign oil and the threat of climate change.

This may seem like a lot of money, but the report claims the money can be found through a two cents per gallon gas tax or or a small "line of charge" for transmission of coal-fired electricity.

Having to pay more on things like gas doesn't sound fun, but is it worth it in the long run if we can wean ourselves from foreign energy and help create our own at home?

Check out the report and let us know what you think

-Kathleen Zipp is Associate Editor of Solar/Windpower Engineering

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