Who is Allchips?

Allchips is a professional electronic components service platform, supported by over 1000 original manufacturers & authorized agents, and more than 10 million products data.
They have engaged in the electronic components industry over 10 years. They completely know the crux of the components supply chain. Allchips focusing on the end users provides the intelligent BOM solution with the help of AI and expertise. Now Allchips is favored by more and more EMS, OEM, makers and electronics factories.

Is Allchips Mean All chips?
Allchips have three means:
Allchips limited, The comany of Allchips.
Allchips mean All chips, including the all chips in the electronic components area. 
A is the first alphabet.  Allchips means First place in the electronic components online area, to be the best. 

Call Allchips All chips.
Our client always call us All chips. But we like this name.
Allchips is All chips.

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Comment by Felix on May 15, 2018 at 9:08pm

Another one call us all chips...We are Allchips.


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