The featured part of the Forged Gate Valve is the wedge disc which also called as the gate segment. It is used to open or close totally to control the flow as its moving direction is vertical with the flow direction. Commonly, the gate valve is not proper to be used to regulate the flow. And the seal is definitely necessary to ensure the operation, for which many kinds with specified specifications are available. The type of self-sealing refers to that the pressure from the medium is used to achieve the function of sealing.

And it is certain that there exist required standards on many aspects. They aim to make the valve perform safely and effectively to withstand the available temperatures and pressures. And there are many applicable driving modes, such as the manual mode, bevel gear mode and such others. Similarly, many kinds of media can be controlled by the gate valve. Generally speaking, the gate valve is popular either in the industrial process or in the daily life.

What else, due to the short distance within the affecting valve stem, the stop valve is able to cut off if it is necessary. Thus, it seems to be more popular than the gate valve not only because of the wider applications but also because of the better wear-resistance and easier maintenance. There is no doubt that it holds its own standards which should be strictly respected. And in terms of pipes which to transport medium with high temperature and pressure, the stop Gate valve manufacturers rises to be the better choice.

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