Innovations in 3D printers: meter-sized build tables

Do you have a need for a meter-sized build area in a 3D printer?  If so, check out this new one developed by PBC Linear.

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Comment by Leslie Langnau on March 12, 2014 at 3:23am

This printer was made to see if it could be done.  It can, and so now, PBC Linear is looking to enter into the market.  As far as I know, every 3D printer takes at least overnight to make a part, unless the part is very simple and small, and you can make several of them at once on the build plate.  

But the idea is to compare that time to the time it takes to send your part out for prototyping.  If you can get a part produced elsewhere in less time, then there's no advantage to 3Dprinting. In many cases, though, 3D printing is faster than sending a part out for prototyping, waiting several days to a couple of weeks before you even see your part to determine any additional changes or modifications. 

Comment by Andrew Werby on March 11, 2014 at 2:30pm

Like the article says, this machine takes days to actually produce a part that takes advantage of its size, which isn't exactly "rapid" prototyping. It would also tend to run out of filament in the middle of a build, unless it came with giant rolls of the stuff. It seems that making a reasonably fast 3D printer that large would require using a different technique besides hot-plastic extrusion, like DLP (using a projector to expose a whole slice at a time) or laser sintering.


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