Importance of BIM in the Execution of Complex Construction Projects

Complex construction projects such as the construction of highways, bridges, sophisticated skyscrapers and churches etc is very difficult until and unless cutting edge tools and techniques are utilized by design and construction professionals. Immense of details have to be taken care by architects and engineers for developing such structures which is certainly not that easy without the assistance of effective tools.

When a construction project is executed architects and engineers have to pay huge attention to its design details, and even minor errors in that can create huge complications and for sorting out these complications huge time, money and human efforts are required.

If in case effective software products are not utilized by design and construction professionals for developing high-end drawings and models, there are enormous chances of them facing tremendous amount of rework during final construction which can increase the project cost immensely.

Development of bridges and highways is very difficult since enormous efforts are required for developing their structural design wherein paying attention to every minute detail remains important for civil and structural engineers. Building Information Modeling provides enormous support to architects and engineers when it comes to handling every bit of information that is important for successful development of construction projects.

BIM is a process wherein the entire attention of design and construction professionals remains at the creation of error-free 3D models for architecture, structure and MEP and they represent their design in the most effective manner possible. The best thing about the digital models which generated in Revit is that design elements of architecture, structure and MEP are developed in 3D which makes it very easy for AEC professionals to evaluate the design.

Any problem in the design is effectively reflected in 3D, since once can successfully see the design from multiple angles.

Another important thing about 3D models is that element clashes between multidiscipline models can be quickly identified if clash tests are conducted. If clashes are identified in advanced, there is absolutely no chance that design and construction professionals will in any case face change orders at the time of final construction. And this completely removes the chances of budget overruns and saves time as well as money. 

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