Hi:  I am looking for really creative technologies that can create thousands of jobs.  Just some of the areas that these ideas might fulfill.  Easily erectable energy self sufficient Housing.  I am thinking large legos in a sense.  


Self driven transportation.  I am thinking trains, trucks, automobiles, planes, boats.  I am thinking  Satellite WiFI type controls, but it might be tracks or tunnels although that would be more expensive. 


And I know this exists but I would like to find a way to make it commercial now. Synthetic photosynthesis which with sunlight would convert water into hydrogen and oxygen, which would be converted back to water and energy through fuel cells or mini turbines or the like.  Dr. Dan Nocera from MIT is all over this one.  


Better ways to build long lasting roads and bridges.


And, earthquake proof and tornado proof constructions!  Maybe they have to be in the ground, but how do we do that and make them great living spaces at the same time. 


And, maybe this comes with self driven transportation.  Safer transportation systems that save thousands of lives a year in the US only.


I think you get some of the ideas now.  The scope of my hopes for new technologies that create thousands of jobs is not limited to these ideas only.   Dick Mastromatteo

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Comment by ken neth william upton on June 13, 2011 at 12:31pm
Hi D yes it does exist  We have one mega job that is constructive and peaceful and need doing >as the IC engine and other pollution  is killing our seas . Here we have a project in Europe designed to use people ,as it can only be done with trained craftspeople and uses reuse .The product will employ us now and make thousands of new jobs  and also make employment for thousands if not millions of years to come .www.cyberlifeboat.org add the new TAWT kenape systems and we have the power to cook the fish and light up our lives . Our systems already make the cleanest and cheapest REH in the world , so Atlantis claim who copied and developed the early Kenape system . This new and far more advanced technology is ready for final R&D and use . Partnerships welcome 4paz charity ,Espana . all the best Ken Upton
Comment by John on June 9, 2011 at 7:11pm
BTW, America has lost approximately 50 million jobs in the last 10 to 15 years in various industries. At the current trade deficit, America continues to hemmorage 3 million more jobs per year. Only educated voting can change this distressing trend. Sincerely, John P. Wallis
Comment by John on June 9, 2011 at 7:08pm
D*** Mastromatteo, I hate to break it to you although unless American foreign policy changes regarding the lack of American manufacturing protectionism, America stands the chance of becoming the United States of Asia. The sad truth is that "You can not buy weapons from your enemy at time of war". America desperately needs to vote out traitors in American government who favor feeding communism over feeding American workers. By creating legislation that revereses this treasonous policy America can get back to training apptentices and creating manufacturing jobs that will rebuild the American economy all by it's self. Making things and growing things are the only ways that I know of that will create new American jobs. The American government's current policy ended community college manufacturing curriculum that gave college students the basic skills necessary to become strong manufacturers. By study of the record ofcongress, American voters can become educated regarding representative's voting records related to Free Trade policy. Following review of the record of congress, sn educated American voter can then vote for those who prefer to employ American workers. Sincerely, John P. Wallis, American manufacturing professional.  


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