How to Successful Achieve Implementation of Collaborative Robots

The demand for industrial robots in automated production system continues to grow. This is a result of the game changing robotic models from the Universal Robots Company known as the collaborative robots or popularly referred to as cobots. They can work safely alongside employees since they are very safe and easy to operate. They are lightweight making them easy to redeploy to other areas in the factory.

Due to the numerous benefits that the cobots have to offer they have received an increase in awareness in the recent years making Universal Robots gain worldwide respect and recognition in the industrial robotics industry. Here are some of the factors to apply in successfully implementing cobot use.

Single-phase collaborative robots

The frequent changes in the final consumer products are making the production process in many industries to shift towards the ‘high mix/low volume’ production system. This emphasizes on the need for the production facility of any industry that wants to stay relevant in any business they engage in to be able to adapt and change fast. The use of portable collaborative robots, which has few technical requirements to operate, is of great benefit.

Using an easy to program method

In the past, programming the traditional robots was a difficult and tedious task, which required a programming specialist to write the code line by line. This would take time to complete and later even more time and resources to change the functions when redeploying. 

With the modern cobots from Universal Robots, this process is now simple since programming task has become much faster and easier to perform eliminating the need for a specialist since the workers can immediately program the robot arm on the spot when necessary.

Using a flexible adaptive grippers

After acquiring a robot arm, which is easy to use, depending on the application, it is important to choose grippers that are versatile and adaptive. This is most suitable in industries involved in packaging and palletizing, lab and testing or even in CNC activities. There are various types of grippers but the best are the electrically driven gripper since it has a faster connectivity, with more available positions for opening and closing.


Use compact force torque sensors

While the grippers may have force-limiting capabilities when it comes to opening and closing, when the application requires the measuring of force applied to the gripper, a torque force sensor is necessary. The torque force sensors are in specific design that enables them to sense in an up/down and rotational force of direction.

Safety consideration of the cobots

It is important for anyone dealing with collaborative robots to ensure that they adhere to the safety precautions. Although the cobots do not demand strict safety measures compared to the traditional robots, which required a safe zone completely safe guarded and not allowing contact with human workers, the cobots also need carefully handling and maintenance.

To achieve this, the workspace design needs to be flexible to allow the operator comfortably conduct their tasks while maintaining an adequate interaction space with the cobots to avoid any trapping or pinch points, which is common with the robot arms.

Understanding automation

This point is very important to consider when implementing the use of collaborative robots in their respective applications. Cobots are very useful in automation but it is advisable for the particular company to determine the profitability of accommodating a robot and the projected return on investment.

Although there are plenty of reasons to automate with the cobots, know the factors that are driving your need to acquire the robot. Sourcing information is important in making wise decision and this information is readily available on the internet. Visit and get detailed information concerning collaborative robots.


The increasing demand for automation continues to fuel the ongoing innovations and improvements in the industrial robotics world. This provides an opportunity for the various business and industries to acquire modern collaborative robots to suit their respective needs.

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