How To: Maximize your Turbines Performance

>Simulation software enables the pairing of turbine design and site development

New methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics are allowing windpower turbine OEM's to match their products to a particular site and vise-versa. Traditionally, testing has involved the classical Blade Element Momentum (BEM) modeling. BEM has been sufficient for many applications but is unable to adequately account for the impact of large 3D effects on flow, nor the impact of new blade geometries. Recent experimental work shows that CFD modeling can effectively simulate the behavior of novel blade geometries, with better results than from the BEM approach.

As more and more class 7 (the highest performing wind site classification) and class 6 sites are being taken, it has become all the more important for a wind plant developer to find ways to maximize their sites capabilities. Site selection is of paramount importance in wind energy projects. Through CFD analysis being developed by organizations such as the National Renewable Energy Centre of Navara, Spain and Applied Research Intelligent Light windpower site location has become more and more effective.

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