How to Deal with Dust in a Manufacturing Facility

Dust is one of the most common problems in manufacturing facilities. Without the right approach to dust suppression, the health and productivity of workers can be compromised. They will suffer from various health conditions that will impair their ability to carry out their tasks successfully. The rest of this post breaks down some of the ways manufacturing companies can manage dust in their facilities.


Maximize the Power of Mist


Companies like Bosstek are known for offering misting systems as a part of their dust control product line. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. In the case of a manufacturing facility, most of the applications are indoors. Mist is generated to suppress the dust right at the source. The dust suppression equipment is usually fan-driven to offer exceptional reach and coverage without using a lot of water.


Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


At home, a vacuum cleaner is a handy tool used to get rid of dust in many places, like the floor, stairs, and furniture. In manufacturing plants, they serve the same purpose, but you will need a different type. Specifically, you need industrial vacuum cleaners, which are larger and more powerful. Industrial vacuum cleaners deliver a wide array of benefits, including efficiency. It requires less time and effort compared to conventional cleaning methods while guaranteeing its ability to pick up even the tiniest traces of dust.


Invest in Personal Protective Equipment


Another effective way to deal with dust in a manufacturing plant is to invest in personal protective equipment (PPE) that will help to lessen the risk of dust exposure. Also, there should be strict regulations in place to make sure that everyone wears the prescribed safety equipment all the time. One of the most important pieces of PPE is goggles, which keep the eyes protected while maximizing one’s visibility to work properly. Goggles with direct ventilation are great because they promote air circulation and prevent fogging at the same time. Dust mask respirators are also necessary to breathe easily while minimizing exposure to airborne particles. Being fully covered is also necessary to prevent dust from contacting workers’ skin and causing irritation.


Eliminate Dust from the Source


In one article published at the website of the World Health Organization, the recommendation is to eliminate dust right through its source. There are three ways to do this – improve current work practices, change the production process, and get rid of the hazardous substances that produce dust. Companies need to rethink their current production process and change the procedures in ways that will help to minimize dust production.


It is crucial for manufacturing facilities to have a solid approach to dust management. Otherwise, dust in the workplace can affect the health and well-being of their workers. It can also negatively impact the overall quality of their product. Through using misting cannons, industrial vacuum cleaners, and personal protective equipment, it will be easy to effectively deal with dust that is present in the workplace.

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