How to Convince your Manager to Adopt Simulation Software

Employing simulation allows to significantly optimize the design process to deliver better products to the market in a much shorter period of time, as evidence from many major companies demonstrates. However, if you are an engineer failing to get support from your manager who simply doesn’t see the value of simulation software solutions — don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many reservations management has about simulation are justified ― while you can try and appeal to your boss in the right way and explain the value CAE solutions hold, even the most tech-savvy and open-minded manager has to consider the costs of the investment and the limited resources at his disposal. The current industry standard ― on-premises software solutions ― are rather expensive and can be difficult to integrate in the design process of a company which never used simulation before. Despite all of the advantages of the technology, many simply do not see it as a practical investment – to convince your boss otherwise you will need compelling arguments.

However with the emergence of cloud-based solutions and companies like SimScale, Onshape and others, many of these problems have been eliminated, which made simulation accessible to anyone with a laptop and a motivation to learn. You can read more on the democratization of CAE in this article: The Future of Product Design is in the Cloud.

This development has made bringing your boss on board with simulation easier than ever. Nonetheless it is better to be prepared: to aid you we have complied a list of compelling arguments to help you successfully pitch the idea.

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