How Rayvat Rendering Adds Value to Your Business

At Rayvat Rendering, we offer high-end photo-realistic 3D Rendering Services that breathe life into your designs and help to market your projects effectively. Our graphic-rich renderings are created using the latest rendering platforms and the latest tools in the Architectural Visualization field. We push the boundaries of photo-realism using best tools in the Archviz industry to provide you imagery that boosts your projects’ marketing potential.

Why Rayvat Rendering For Your Business?

There are a host of great reasons why you should consider working with Rayvat Rendering, and these are just a few of them!

  • A Range of Experience: Our creative team is well versed with 3D architectural rendering software programs like Autodesk Architectural Suite (3DS Max, Autodesk Revit, Maya), Post Production (Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC) along with a multitude of plugins like Railclone, ScatterPro, and Forest Pack.
  • Right First Time(RFT): We work hard to ensure our work is error-free and 76% of all our deliverables are approved in the first instance by our esteemed clients.
  • Average Setup Time: Our average setup time is low. From project confirmation to kick-starting the execution, we have averaged 33 hours.
  • On-Time Delivery(OTD): We have averaged 94.7% adherence to TAT timeframes in 2015-16.
  • Engineering Utilization: Only 8.4% of project parts by time have subcontracted to our partners in instances of peak demand.
  • Cost Efficiency: As compared to global benchmarks, we have achieved 63% cost savings – Source – Human Capital Report – (about US geography)

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