How Construction Product Manufacturers Should Engage with Architects

Most manufacturers of building products find it a challenge to discuss prices with architects, yet this is perhaps one of the most important topics that need to be addressed! In the construction industry, budgets often run into millions of dollars, and for many architects, the bottom line of any project is the budget. End of the day, both parties should be comfortable with the price point. If you as the manufacturer feel that you have been undercut then your services may not be as good, and if the architects think they are paying too high a price, they may demand more than is possible to deliver.

Here are some guidelines that can help you win the trust of the architects. Follow these tips, and you will surely win many repeat orders from them!

When pitching your product, you should make a presentation that is visually appealing and helps to make your point. In many cases, architects may like to get a feel of what your products will look like on their finished building or interior. You can always take the help of Product Rendering Services to give them a 3D render showing your product range in the backdrop of the client’s design spaces. Remember, first impressions count, so use the services of an experienced Studio that offers photo-immersive renderings for construction industries.

All said and done, be professional, maintain consistency and keep the lines of communication open and transparent. You can be sure that you will get repeat orders, and the commissions will come rolling in!

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