How architecture 3D Rendering can Make your Townhouses Come to Life

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and nowhere is this truer than in the case of 3D rendered images! As a communication and marketing tool, a 3D hyper-realistic image is a great visualization aid. 3D visualization studios use highly sophisticated quality rendering software and tools to produce detailed imagery according to the needs of their clients.

What are Townhouses?

Townhouses are usually residential projects undertaken by builders and developers. Usually, townhouses are leased or rented from the developer though this could vary. Townhouses are very common in the suburbs of cities, where space is at a premium, as they occupy a smaller footprint.

Typical features of a Townhouse:

Townhouses are conjoined units that share at least one, or several common walls, and have a street façade that presents a uniform design language. They commonly have two or more stories and could be flat-roofed or have sloping tiled roofs. Most townhouses are duplex-style, with rooms on several floors, and are considered dwellings that are middle or upper-middle class.

3D rendering services of a townhouse would help the builders and architects to present the design concept of the finished project to investors and potential renters or buyers. Using the power of technology and tools. Powerful visualizations can be created that take the viewers through all details of the finished project.

How long would it typically take to Complete a Townhouse, Render?

This depends on the complexity of the design and the amount of detail required, but typically a townhouse render could take anywhere between a few days to a week. Most studios will also accommodate urgent requests in a fraction of the usual time.

What can be Depicted in a 3D Visualization?

3D visualization can be hard to distinguish from an actual photograph, as they can portray true-to-life depictions of color, texture, and material, giving the viewer a comprehensive idea about the design. In the case of interior renders, all details such as furniture, furnishings, and interior decor artifacts can be depicted.

Any 3D Renderings should clearly convey indoor and outdoor lighting, in both sunlight and artificial light. Especially when it comes to designing residential townhouses, lighting plays an important role, and viewers would like to see what the building looks like at different times of the day and under different weather conditions.

What is the use of a Townhouse Rendering?

There are many advantages to having a 3D Renderings of your proposed townhouse. At the design stage, architects can use it to get design approval from all stakeholders. Engineers could study the images to see if there are any flaws in structural aspects or shortfalls in the mechanical, electrical, or plumbing service design of the proposed project. Any such design errors could be costly if detected at a later stage, while they can be easily corrected if found out during the initial stages itself.

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