How 360° Virtual Reality is bringing revolution in the field of Fine Arts?

When there was no existence of 360° Virtual Reality Services the imagination of any artist can take the shape of a single canvas image only. The representation of that idea on the piece of canvas not only depends on the artist but it also depends on how viewer understands the notion of that imagination. But, now with the advancement in technology and with the arrival of 360° Virtual Reality aka VR, an artist can expand the imagination such that others can experience their idea with more insights. 360 Virtual Tour gives the chance to understand the notion of the art and imagination in the same way as thought by an artist. It is almost a new way of communication with the world of art and to interact with an artist’s mind.

The key aspect is an immersive experience in which all of your senses as your visual, auditory and muscle system are involved. You dive inside your imagination and finally land into an imaginary world. All you do is that you think in the imagination but trick your brain as you are already there. Creators can also use virtual reality to exhibit their artwork even if they are a thousand miles apart. Artists create their virtual worlds, which visitors can explore from anywhere. One additional factor is that art in 360° Virtual Reality need not be static only, thus it gives a chance to combine the traditional techniques with VR and bringing dynamic art in existence. Artists also got the freedom to link music and audios along with their art to make them more real.

360 Virtual Tour is not only restricted to artists but it enables the architects and designers also to create their projects with the help of VR instead of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional pictorial presentations. Mostly the giant projects are not handled by the single designer or an individual artist but involve the involvement of an entire team. VR allows you to work together as a team and build an innovative imaginary world to bring it into a reality.

Apart from exhibiting your artwork in VR, it allows you to learn also. Mostly the artists or people who are much interested in exploring in this area use to travel to several museums to learn about the unique and antique art. Also, they like to meet those artists. However, VR allows you to visit these museums virtually rather than spending dollars in your journey. There are several museums in London and Paris which enable us to check the museums and seek for the detailed 360-degree view of artworks. It also enables you to check for their details and then if you like you may visit the museum or can make the conversation with that artist if you want to learn about the creative process. This way Virtual Tour is creating priority over the physical space in its own way. VR is brilliant for an art education. With 360 Virtual Tour there is no need to learn and read about the artist and art when you can actually see and learn in reality even when you are in remote location. It creates more inclination towards the subject and thus makes it more interesting. Currently, VR is bit costlier but with the passage of time, the cost will certainly reduce to target the wide audience and thus give the joy of VR.

If you think that VR will vanish the physical art galleries then that is totally a myth. There are several advantages of VR in art, but there are certain challenges too like cost and usability. There are still the artists that believe that wonders of VR are already performed by artists years ago. Also, there are artists who believe in the reality rather than the virtual reality.

The development of technology is to support our traditional techniques to help our artists. Technology never aims to vanish the traditions, thus the reality and the virtual reality are hand-in-hand helping to expand our field of art and to enrich the experience of the viewer as well as of other artists.

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