Have fun, but not at the cost of your readers!

The whole purpose of blogging is self-expression. If you have an idea that you’re very passionate about, the blog gives you the much-needed exposure giving you a public platform to promote your content.

Blogging is fun, especially if you love writing. You can use blogs as a hobby and also as a business option. It is very important that you are sure about your purpose. If you are using blogs to earn money you must keep into account the choice of the reader. But this does not mean you give up on your interest. Maintain a delicate balance between the two and you’re set!

For a blogger like me, the first and foremost priority is the reader. His content must be attractive and innovative enough to get the audience interested in your blog. Check out these tips that you can use to keep your readers happy-

1. To the point content

Keep the introductions short, crisp and to the point. A lengthy introduction is not only tiresome but also boring to read. Do your readers a favor and shorten the introductions. You don’t have to spell out everything for your readers. Just mention the important details and briefly explain each point.

Moreover writing lengthy introductions mean you have to invest more time and effort on it which is really not necessary.

2. Skimmable content

Most readers don’t even bother reading through the entire content on your blog. They just browse through it at a glance only reading it thoroughly if it catches their attention. Therefore you must arrange your content in such a way that it is easily understood by the audience.

Divide your content into different catchy subheadings. Also, present your content in the form of bullet points to give it a professional look.

3. Brevity is the key

Limit the word count to a maximum of 1000 words per article. Lengthy articles are exhausting to write as well as read.

Try posting short and crisp content that is simple and easy to understand. You would want your reader to be interested and not bored.

Also, maintain correct grammar and a good vocabulary. Don’t overdo with the explanations. The audience is smart enough to read between the lines. Post content that is both entertaining and informative.

4. Good to look at

The blog that looks good sells well! Add a lot of images and graphics to your content to make it more attractive. This would arouse the interest of the reader and also save you from all the extra labor.

Even the reader would understand the content better. Images also make your blog stand out among the million other blogs available online.

5. Clarity

The content must be simple and concise. Don’t run along in circles giving lengthy and tiresome explanations. No one likes to read things that are confusing or unclear.

As a blogger, you must be sure of your content before publishing it. Number the different points or divide them into subheadings to make the content more readable. It is important that the audience understands what you want to say.

6. Talk to your reader

Don’t be very formal in your style of writing. Be friendly and engage your reader in a conversation. Consider the perspective of the audience and accordingly format the content. Highlight the advantages and good points subtly.

Also, add a bit of humor to your posts to make it an interesting read.

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