Handy tips to expand a Home Network by Connecting One Router to Another

Nobody wants to get fixed at he same place for a long time, for this, they keep on adding more and more computers to the same WiFi network so that they can enjoy the high-speed of the Internet connectivity all over the house. This may result in poor connectivity because a router alone is not enough to carry the load of numerous devices. That is why they add an additional router to the network or go with the process of Netgear Extender Setup. Similarly, www.mywifiext.net is the best way known for completing the process of extender setup in the following ways.

  • For this, make the use of an Ethernet cable to connect router and the range extender properly with each other.
  • The use of Ethernet cable is also meant for connecting computer with the range extender (make use of another cable).
  • After connecting all the above-mentioned devices, you will see the blinking lights on your range extender. Moreover, open your computer and enter into a web browser.
  • After entering into a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer), you see an address bar on the top of it. Click on that bar and type mywifiext. By the help of this URL, you can configure your range extender and make it physically connected with other devices.

Mywifiext.net Login

Now, what you are going to do, login to the web user interface of Netgear range extender making use of the website www.mywifiext.net. After that, you will tend to enter the default details of username and password. As soon as you logged in successfully, go to setup and after that hit wireless settings.

Mywifiext.net not working

It is the most annoying issues that are faced by everyone in today’s world of modern technology. In that case, what you are going to do, place your range extender under the same roof of the wireless router. Again, open a web browser and type Netgear Extender Default IP into field of the address bar. If you still fail to login, exit from your existing web browser, clear all the cache and cookies including browsing data and restart it once. Also, keep your devices away from interference creating electronic gadgets and appliances.

Mywifiext.net local

The most annoying situation becomes when you try to access mywifiext.net local to configure the process of Netgear Extender Setup, there are chances that you might receive an error message. You know why such things happen? Well, mywifiext is not a regular website. It is the local one that is used for opening the settings of Netgear Genie.

In case you still found error issues while login mywifiext.net, don’t delay to contact our experts on toll-free number 1-877-425-5462.

Now, we come to guide you in connecting one router to another

  1. Have a Computer to set up Router

In order to configure a router properly, you might need a computer that can connect with them through an Ethernet cable. Also, remember the operating system of your device hardly matters. Here, you will be acquiring a personal hotspot for connecting routers. Avoid making use of public WiFi.

  1. Have an extra set of Network Cables

Are you planning to connect your computers and other networking devices to the Internet without a WiFi? Well, it can easily be done by the help of Ethernet cable. Use the network cable to connect Router1 and Router2. Have an additional set of Ethernet cables to add more computers to the network. On the other hand, make sure that you have enough power outlets available to plug in the set of routers and the additional devices.

  • Run an Ethernet cable from one of Router 1’s LAN port to the computer’s Ethernet port. After that, turn the power on of your router and the modem.
  • Launch a web browser and connect to the admin interface of the first router. Now, what you have to do, type in the default IP address of your router into field of the address bar, using default details of username and password.
  • Moreover for setting up a second router, remove the Ethernet cable between router one and the computer.
  • Plug in the second router. After that, run an Ethernet cable from the LAN port on second router to the computer. Here, also you would require to type in the IP address of router to the address bar of a web browser, followed by default details of login credentials.

The default details of default credentials can be achieved easily from IT technicians on toll-free number mentioned above.

Note: Start wiring the network only when you have physically disconnected your devices from the power outlet.

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