I am developing gear change automaton for H pattern gearboxes which would be applied at the gearbox end of the gearchange linkage generally for the motorsport community.

An easily programmed board with I/O capability the Arduino is easily available and for compact, cheap force transducers pneumatics is hard to beat, however but my pressing problem is that I am a newcomer to pneumatics

As the travel to each gear from the neutral position is different I have to sense the piston position and limit the travel. My problem ar ther moment is how accurate and repeatable the magnetic sensors are - I am referring to the type that have a permanent magnet in the piston and are sensed by a hall effect device.

As part of my brief is a high speed gear-change I don't want to use spring buffers as there is a delay in loading them but I don't want to over-stroke in case I bend the selector forks.

No doubt more problems will arise with the Arduino programming


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