Features of RUGGED Getac S400 and B300 Laptops

Rugged laptops are more famous as compared to the normal laptops because the technology they have is responsible to drive the heavy tasks for business purposes and work in any kind of environment specially is rainy weather and in a hot environment as they are designed in such a way to provide what actually today’s technology demand with respect to fast working environment so here are some important features of the Rugged Getac S400.

They developed to provide specialty to the public safety, field service, and specially to drive the military applications that are used in response the special working environment.  It has special features, which some of them are 800 NIT’s multi-touch display, core i3 or i5 configuration, IP5X and MIL-STD 810G, with Intel vPro IT remote management.

It is the cloaking from 2.6 GHz to the 3.3 GHz, which makes it special over others that makes fast live video processing environment through the Turbo Boost speed. It supports the multi threading environment with Hyper-Threading technology as what today’s world demand, for fast processing.

It is configured with Solid State Drive; that is responsible to make it for the quicker boot-up, lower power-consumption, with faster read-write speed, in over all a complete machine that is needed regarding the real time environment working.

The S400 maintains 89% of the CPU’s processing powers, when the computer heats up.

It exceeds the temperature, shock, vibration, as it indulged with the new KryptoShell body material. It is the valuable engineering product that every port and hinge withstands the maximum force of around 30km per cm. No doubt that getting up to this will make your laptop dust free as it is designed in such a way to avoid any kind of dust.

Its temperature countable adaptability makes it to enjoy the work in -40 F. regarding the hot arid working conditions in sunlight, simple laptop displays are unreadable, but its 800 NIT’s Quadra Clear technology is powered by LED’s makes it to sunlight visible that is mercury-free durable and consistent.

Its 14” screen makes it special over other laptops with mVIDIA GeForce GT 730m discrete graphics, with customization makes it more powerful as what today’s technology demands.

Talking to the wiFi as it is better to connect with advanced technology that provides higher speed to use any kind of connection including 5G to 6G.

Now talking to the Getac B300 rugged laptops

It is fully customizable by providing the free mobile computing. It is certified through the standard certificated including the MIL-STD-810G and IP65 makes it resistive in any environment especially in the shocks.

Performance durability is known from the fact that battery backup is around 30 hours, with i7 processor to support the graphic advantage with discrete VGA.

Safeguard and security is considered with the finger scanner and TPM 1.2, with smart card reader.

Its ultra light 13.3 having 1400nits display makes it more effective over the 800 nits display in the sunlight condition to work more easily.

The Operating temperature is from -290 C to 600 C with humidity bearing -95%.

They are now favorable for the sky jumpers by providing the satisfaction to the player’s quality which indicated that they are highly versatile and are customized to any kind of a military mission.

So having such classic features of Getac would it not better to enjoy the technique that scientists discovered that are used in any kind of environment with fast processing and durable for the business purposes in any kind of the environment.

Think why people enjoy the new technology, not because of the price tag, but because of the special feature along with the adaptability to survive in any kind of environment.

Is it not a good idea to have such rugged laptops that make our work faster by providing ease to use of every application? So for interested in rugged laptops that have many kinds of laptops with wide variety of features that makes your business life more productive.

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