Expanding digital dentistry: 3D Systems offers new dental printer

3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC), a manufacturer of 3D printers, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing equipment, announced its new 2011 ProJet™ DP 3000 3D printer, a dental CAD/CAM 3D printer for wax-up production that provides measurable financial returns and a proven ROI for the dental lab.
The new ProJet™ DP 3000 printer features an expanded ultra-high definition build area that delivers up to a 60% productivity improvement, enabling dental labs to dramatically ramp up production volumes for both crown and bridge work as well as partial frameworks. In addition to the increased capacity, the new ProJet™ DP 3000 is equipped with remote email notification, making it even easier to track printer operation and performance.
3D Systems also announced the immediate availability of an upgrade kit that extends the same value proposition to existing users, protecting their investment.

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Comment by Patrick Simon White on March 17, 2011 at 5:09am
Here is a link to one of my client websites in the UK, they use 3D printing to make things for movie sets - they are facinating group of special effects people http://www.artem.com/index.jsp
Comment by Patrick Simon White on March 17, 2011 at 5:00am
Hi Leslie, I have seen these printers in action doing prototyping in robotics etc - they are brilliant! thanks for the post :)


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