EverGlow Recycles Your Lighting with (non-electrical) Photoluminescent Emergency Lighting

EverGlow manufactures (non-electrical) photoluminescent emergency lighting - code approved exit signs, exit path markings, etc. To learn more, visit www.everglow.us.

Emergency lighting, that lighting which operates when normal lighting fails, is traditionally electrical - using incandescent or fluorescent lamps, LEDs, or other electroluminescent or electrocapacitive lighting technologies. There are two non-electrical lighting technologies specifically approved by building & fire codes, and the Life Safety Code - radioluminescent (with a radioactive tritium component exciting the phosphor) and photoluminescent (the phosphor absorbs & stores light energy from ambient lighting). Code and life safety officials recognize that these non-electrical lighting technologies are safe, and virtually 100% reliable and effective.

If the 100 million electrical exit signs currently in use in the US were replaced by non-electrical exit signs- using photoluminescent lighting technology where there is sufficient ambient lighting and radioluminescent signs where there is not sufficient lighting (such as in dark movie theaters), we could save the energy equivalent of a very large electrical generating station. We could reduce the load that electrical emergency lighting places on existing generators and the power grid. We could save millions of dollars now spent on maintaining electrical exit signs as required by code.

More importantly, because electrical exit signs are too often not properly maintained, we could save lives lost during emergency evacuations that occur in the dark because electrical lighting - both normal and emergency lighting- have failed when needed most.

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