Dragline Relocation Using Lampson Transport Frame

This unconventional method of transport has been pioneer by Lampson for the transport of dragline across rough terrains. Draglines are essentially very heavy mining equipment that pivots on a tub. This equipment is mobile but extremely expensive to move. The solution that Lampson has provided is a transport system that could load the dragline. Transport it along a route to say another pit or mine and be offloaded.

To date Lampson has been involved in a dozen of such transports ranging from a few kilometres to 110km. The frame was designed to sit above three crawlers capable of each supporting a maximum 2000t of weight. This massive frame is specifically designed as a support platform for the dragline. The dragline can weigh in excess of 3000t.

To use the Lampson Transport Frame a loading pit is prepared by our specification. The dragline is prepared; this means that all the jewellery is secured. The transport frame then gets into position to receive its load. The dragline simply walks under its own power over the transport platform.

Jacks are retracted and the transport frame drives out of the pit to its next destination, fully loaded with a dragline.

This simplified explanation hides the fact that it requires a lot of planning and coordination with the customer. The logistics to building the frame, the permit required for all crossings. This kind of project also involves several land owners, earth work planning and vegetation rehabilitation to name a few. A lead-time of at least six months is required to acquire most permits and three months to secure the equipment.

The transport frame is the crowds’ favourite with all our customers for 2500t + loads. However Lampson has successfully transported dragline house & tub without the transport frame for lighter machine. Combined SPMT trailers have been used & crawler with fixed bolster attachment.

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