what about the “packaging of technologies” into a product? Well, there is a small and very important slice of the development here, for in this 80-20 effort, the last 20 will make or break the product. How well is the ergonomics, how good is the interface, and how well is the feature bundle pu together? These answers will sell the product, not the 80 percent part which was bought off, uncustomized.


Oh by the way, the big smart guys have begun to customize their offers I case a buyer is willing to put in a little extra, because have trudged 80 percent of the way, the customization is a very small bottleneck for most of the big guys, at the right price point! (That brings us into a chapter of Mass Customization from the Production Engineering being taught at engineering now days.)


Now let us peer into the innards of these Big Ones.


Although we call them the Big Ones, they may actually be small and fragmented Big ones in reality. Almost all big organizations have now created a massive array of small and big entities within themselves to generate cutting edge offers to the off the self buyers. The mix of these big and small set ups is a curious outcome of both organic and inorganic growth, by Acquisitions, Mergers, spin-offs and business reengineering. A very good example of this kind of activity is in the Medical device business. The largest of the lots in this field are massive and far surpass the second rung of the lot. However, they are an umbrella of tens or hundreds of small and big set-ups working in tandem to a Technology Development Plan created at the corporate HQs.


The top three in Medical Devices account for the ownership of at least 500 companies small and big running all across the globe. Their growth is driven by the vision of technology specific leadership, and ability to steer clear of patent infringements, while using their dexterity by virtue of the small and big factories to quickly and efficiently bring new techniques into mature technologies!

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