The Future of lightning is the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Today, homeowners shifting for cost-effective and Eco-friendly home light solutions. This is done with LED and CFL’s. This lower down the monthly electricity bill, a proper lightning improves the home quality and appearance. It had researched with incandescent bulbs; they dissipate 90% electricity as heat, consuming only 10% of electricity as a light.


 To avoid such loose of electrical energy, the push for green or Eco-friendly lights give rise to the CFLS and LED. Knowing which is better and what you are looking for makes the average consumer to save the electrical energy and electricity bill in RS each month.



Compact fluorescent light


Want to replace the current light bulbs, CFL is an excellent option. In a simple way, it is a miniature version of the CFL, which uses electric current to glow the phosphorus.


Older CFL uses magnetic blast, which causes flicker or delay. As compared to an incandescent bulb, CFL’s are more efficient.


It is researched that the 25watt CFL produces the same amount of light as done by the 100 watt incandescent bulb. They last 10 times more... means CFL gain more time.


These light systems are available in vivid designs such as spiral, triple tube, flood, globe, standard, rectangular, circular candelabra and many others. It makes to choose designs that suits best according to applications.



Though, the purchase price of a CFL is greater, but gives a more life span along with saving energy and time.


Avoid continuously turning a CFL bulb to save expected life span. To make use of advanced technology, timers are used with these CFL bulbs.


The fall of a CFL is increasing, as these bulbs contain trace amount of Hg (mercury). So caution should be taken, if CFL bulbs are broken at home.





Light Emitting Diode

Due to quality and Eco-friendly nature, LED lights replace all other light bulbs. These bulbs are small and solid light bulbs, to converge light in one direction, thus gives soothing effect to the eyes.

This type of lightning used for the flashlights, headlamps and task lights.


The new designed LED lights from Autopal Jaipur, led to give extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly light system as compared to the standard incandescent bulb. You would expect more lifetime for these LED bulbs as compared to 100 watt incandescent.



The LED bulbs are far better as compared to the older light systems. They are revolutionizing the world of lights in an efficient manner. This revolutionizes the home light system. We are getting Eco-friendly natural lights for every home space according to the customized dimensional of LED lights.

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