My friend sent this to me since he knows we're in the business of renewables. I can't help but feel sorry for the towers. Why did they have to make them look like the Kool-Aid man :-( 


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Comment by Andrew Dreasler on February 24, 2012 at 8:16am

It's an adorable video, and I'm not disputing that non-renuable fuels are limited (it's right there in the name), however, the video's message seems a bit extreme, an all-or-nothing approach, well an 'all' approach, it seems to ignore the possibility of doing nothing.

Let me put it this way, if we shut down all the coal and uranium power plants, does today's level of technology with Solar, Wind and Tidal power allow for a Consistent, Stable power supply equal to our current consumption, will we need to 'scale back' on consumption and get used to 'slow power' days showing up because the Jet Stream was in the wrong position to get enough wind to the upper Midwest to charge up the Civic Batteries for overnight, and the solar cells were unable to provide enough power because they were being buried by the blizzard faster than they could be dug out.

I'm all for renewable energy sources, but we need to ease into it, make sure that the new sources will work well enough at the scale we need to replace the 'old' sources.

And what's wrong with nuclear power?  Yes, uranium reactors are potentially dangerous IF they melt down (the only US nuclear disaster, Three Mile island, managed to go 'blooey' without exploding like Chernobyl did), but Thorium reactors are much safer, since Thorium cannot go supercritical on its own, no matter how much you pile it up.  And Thorium 'burns' cleaner than Uranium, plus the 'used' fuel can be fairly easily processed for 'reburning,' reducing the radioactive footprint even more.


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