Come April, well known and respected fluid power company Bimba will
introduce a line of electric actuators. And this jaded old editor
might be forgiven for thinking they're pretty excited about it, with
language like this in the draft press release:
“This is our most exciting new product launch in more than 10
years,” said Scott Meldeau, Bimba's VP Sales and Marketing. “Now
we can meet our customers' electric actuation needs with the same
value for which they've come to rely on our pneumatic solutions...”

The new Original Line Electric (OLE) actuators have not yet hit the
market. When I talked with Product Manager Robert Kral about the
launch, he noted that although Bimba OLE volume production and
support materials are under development, their technical support
group is beginning to build OLE actuators for customers in advance of
the introduction. If you want to check out a prototype or discuss
customization, call Bimba's Technical Support Team. “We fully
anticipate this being a high-volume product in the very near future.
Right now if a customer needs prototypes for a new machine, for
retrofits, or for verification testing, we're completely prepared to
respond quickly to those applications,” Kral explains.

Kral points out that Bimba has built electric actuators as “specials”
through the years for customers who needed a customized product at a
fair price. To a certain extent, the forthcoming introduction will
make the OLE actuators available to the entire Bimba customer base.
And he notes that the OLE line coming in April has many parallels
with the original Bimba non-repairable, stainless steel body air

Which seems to leave open the suggestion that, much as Bimba grew an
extensive product line from that original launch of pneumatic
cylinders, they might similarly introduce expanded lines of OLE
actuators in coming months and years.

Bimba Manufacturing Co.


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